• Program
    CANDELA MEDIA ART LAB provides places to meet, opportunities to learn, frameworks for research, options for displays and settings for art mediation.
  • Martina Tritthart
    Martina Tritthart is a visiting artist and professor. As an artist, writer and researcher, her work is dedicated to light, space and media art.
  • Robert Sochacki
    Robert Sochacki is a visiting artist and professor. His artistic work is based on drawing and painting with digital imageries. Since 2010, site-specific works in public space are an essential part of his portfolio.
  • Bettina Pelz
    Bettina Pelz is the artistic director of CANDELA MEDIA ART LAB. She is a curator, writer and researcher on light and media art. Since 1996, her curatorial work is dedicated to site- and context-specific approaches. (more…)


CANDELA MEDIA ART LAB is dedicated to artists, curators and art mediators. Focus of the lab is training and experimental exploration, critical debate and audience-care on media art.

Labs’ Time Structure (2 to 12 days)
Dates will be announced here.

9.00 m to 1.00 pm

Contexts of Media Art
Professional Key Competencies
Basics of Creative Economies

3.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Hard- and Software
Safety / Crowd management
Peer-based projects
Displays’ Assistance


CANDELA MEDIA ART LAB curates lectures, roundtables and talks, seminars and conferences to discuss and to reflect on media art.


CANDELA MEDIA ART PROJECTS fosters media art displays for artists, curators and art mediators.


Art works and interventions, critical debates and art mediation concepts developed in the framework of the CANDELA MEDIA ART LAB will be documented in on- and off-line publications.


CANDELA MEDIA ART LABS offers training for professional positioning of media artists, curators and art mediators.


Project development
Context-specific approaches


Basics of creative economies
Risk assessment
Budget control
Budget documentation


2 x Labs (2 x 3 days)
2 x Debates ( 2 x 1 day)
2 x Key competencies ( 2 x 3 days)
2 x Creative Economies ( 2 x 3 days)
1 x Local display (1 x 10 days)
1 x International display (1 y 10 days)
2 x Documentation of work
1 x Colloquium ( 1 x 1 day)


CANDELA MEDIA ART LAB offers resedencies in the M├ędina of Tunis.
Write us if you want to join: welcome@candela-lab.net


No open calls at this time.

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