May 24, 2019 _ 9.00 pm to late _ Tunis- Medina, Place Romdhane Bey _ Free admission

//ON PUBLIC GALLERY _ Bobbie Digital Garden

“Digital Garden” aims to create a new botanical universe, a place between dreams and reality. The work encompasses contradictions of the real and unreal, attraction and repulsion. By placing viewers in the heart of a reinvented nature, the work attempts to create a symbiosis between art, nature and us.

Referential work: Digital Garden 2017

Bobbie Gray is an Auckland-based multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores the tension between the natural environment and mediated reality, along with an ongoing investigation surrounding the nature of perception.



ONE NIGHT PUBLIC GALLERY is an international and touring media art format run by NOKS Collective: Robert Sochacki and Wera Morawiec. It transforms a public space site into an art gallery for one night. It aims to be open, accessible and comprehensible for all and attempts to mark that art in public space is an important factor that contributes to the quality of life of pubic space and its inhabitants.

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